Memorial and Monument Engraving

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Memorial Design

Gather your family, and all their stories, and schedule a meeting to sit down with one of our expert memorial designers.

From its inception, a monument designed by Discount Monument Center, will not only tell your loved one’s story but also go easy on your pocketbook.

Each in-person appointment we have is roughly 1 hour long and we will cover every aspect of the memorial from color and polish to each individual engraved letter and symbol. All that goes into a digital rendering that you will have to approve before we start engraving.


Memorial Engraving

Discount Monument Center is proud to handle the complete memorial engraving process in house. This speeds up the the time it takes for you to receive the final memorial. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

Monument Setting
& Placement

Our specialized staff is uniquely trained to gently guide your stone into it’s final resting place. After the stone has been engraved, we then get it on our setting truck to head to the cemetery. 

Take your loved ones memorial to new heights with Discount Monument Center